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HBAD Guide Lines and Terms of service *Note* The following is subjected to change. It is your responsibility to stay updated.
By registering with HBAD, you agree to abide by the following rules at all times: 1- Registering Your Accountyou may only register using your current IMVU username/avatar nameyou may only register using your current IMVU username/avatar nameyou may only register using your current IMVU username/avatar name • The birthdate you enter must be accurate. 2- HBAD forum content • Only material that is suitable for GA (general audience) is allowed on the HBAD. No questionable material such as sexual, racist, political or religious material is allowed. • Do not spam the site. (repeating the same message or link/ typing without any purpose of conveying a message) • Chain letters are not allowed in any part of the forum. [letters that contain false information] • Profanity is allowed on the HBAD; however, it will NOT be tolerated if used towards another member. Heavy cursing and swearing is also not allowed especially when used for malicious intentions. 3- Opening new threads • Images must be 700x500px or smaller. • Bumping threads is permitted, however please limit your bumps to once every 10 hours. • Your own shop rules must be identified and posted. • Under no circumstances will any stolen/unoriginal graphics and/or coding be sold in the HBAD. your work MUST be 100% original and created by you unless written permission has been given by the original artist to alter their work. • Products being sold in shops may not be sold in the premade market. 4- Policy towards other users • Harassing (bullying, threatening or "trolling") other members for ANY reason is strictly forbidden and will result in severe action. • Impersonating a staff member is not allowed. • Any member who is not included in the moderation department is not allowed to moderate the forum. 5- Your Password • You are not allowed to ask for someone's password or attempt to use an account that does not belong to you with the absence of the user's knowledge. You should also not reveal your own password. Should you decide to reveal your password, we are NOT responsible for the consequences. 6- Buying and Selling • As a buyer, you agree to purchase artwork at your own risk • Do not request to buy something you cannot afford • As an artist and/or coder you are allowed to have ONE personal shop, THREE collaboration shops and can sell work in the HBAD premade market. this is a possible total of 5 shops and is more than plenty of room to sell • .PSD/.XCF file sales will not be allowed unless all the components of the original file are original, meaning there must not be any add-ons that you have purchased elsewhere. 7- General Thread Rules • After 990 posts in a thread, the subject is automatically locked and split by forumotion. • To lock or delete a thread, please change the subject/title to "LOCK" or "DELETE". • If a thread/topic is not replied to or bumped within 30 days of the last post, it will be deleted. • You may leave a shop on "hold" to surpass the 30 day deletion of the thread as long as you have "ON HOLD" in the subject/title. 8- Payment Methods • IMVU Virtual Currency (credits) and transfers via Paypal are accepted. however, the shop owner(s) must specify which method of payment they prefer • Credits may be delivered via direct transfer, purchase through imvu or a reseller, help ticket, and/or support stickers. as with any method of payment, the artist(s) must specify in their shop their preferred method of payment. 9- Theft policyANY theft, whether it be images, coding, layout concept/style/design, etc. in ANY form of theft (redistribution, public personal use, etc.) is NOT TOLERATED • again, THEFT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED • and, just so we are really clear, no stealing, copying, thievery, theft, etc.